9 Data-Driven Marketing Best Practices For Franchise Brands

Last year, Promio generated 51,968 leads and $42,638,810.85 in revenue for its clients. The following nine consumer marketing best practices are based on an analysis of the data related to the marketing activities that delivered those results. Best Practice #1: Optimize online advertising based on ROI, not Cost Per Click or Cost Per Lead. 94% of the franchise locations using… Read more »

Are your marketing metrics costing you money?

It all depends on the metrics you use. But, clicks don’t pay bills and you can’t retire on leads. Cost per click and cost per lead are probably the two most common metrics used to measure digital marketing success. Franchisors and franchisees alike build, track, and optimize their digital marketing to drive those two metrics… Read more »

Top 3 Marketing Mistakes New Businesses Make

Why did you start your business? I’ll bet the farm that “because I wanted to be a marketer” wasn’t your answer. However, if you’re like the hundreds of small business owners I’ve worked with you probably realized about 30 seconds after you opened your doors that if you didn’t become a marketer, you weren’t going… Read more »