Our Guarantee

People are always surprised – and a bit skeptical – when they hear that Promio guarantees results.  It’s easy to understand why.  No other company is willing to do it and marketing, as an industry, has a well-deserved reputation for promising a lot and delivering very little.

That’s why we wanted to dig a little deeper into our guarantee.  Not just how it works, but why we are passionate that it should be the norm for every marketing solution working with small businesses.

Our guarantee is simple and straight forward.  If Promio doesn’t increase your revenue in 90 days or less then you don’t pay for the system.  And, if Promio doesn’t generate leads for your business, you don’t pay for your advertising either.

No fine print. No exceptions. There’s absolutely no risk to you.

There are two big reasons Promio offers a guarantee this strong when everyone else in the industry works hard to avoid any accountability.

First, our founder is a small business owner at heart.  He’s built small businesses his entire life and personally been frustrated by the lack of results from marketing solutions he tried.  He’s also a passionate advocate of small business owners and is driven to help them succeed.  Simply put, he believes that Promio should only make money when it’s clients are making money.  Our guarantee assures that’s the case.

Second, Promio’s revolutionary revenue reporting means we can actually see how much revenue we generate for your business.  No other company can do that so it would be impossible for them to show whether or not they increased your revenue.  That’s why they focus on selling clicks and conversions but stop well short of guaranteeing results that actually grow your business.

It’s really that simple.